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OpenVZ talk at Linuxtag

I had the opportunity to talk about OpenVZ at this years Linuxtag in Berlin, Germany. For some reason the slot for the talk was 90 minutes (not 60 minutes, as for the other talks at Linuxtag) - maybe because Alan Cox had a parallel session. So I thought this will be a hard job, keeping the audience from falling asleep after lunch. But OpenVZ seems to be so fascinating, that even when I mentioned after 50 minutes that I have told the most important things, but I have some slides left with more details for those who still want more information, only two people left, and the remaining 70 - 80 stayed!
I shot a photo of the audience after the live demo. As the flash of my camera did not work the first time, I took a second snapshot. I said, "It seems that taking a picture with a digicam needs more time than OpenVZ needs to start a Virtual Environment", and the whole audience started laughing ;-)
So, here is the pic:

You can find the description of the talk at the Linuxtag website, and the slides on my private website. Thanks to Kir, he had prepared most of the slides!
Tags: openvz
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