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OpenVZ/clustering talk at Profoss

At this years Profoss virtualization event, I will give a talk about "HA clustering made simple with OpenVZ".

In addition to the information about HA clustering with OpenVZ that is currently available in the OpenVZ WIKI article HA cluster with DRBD and Heartbeat I'll show how the checkpointing feature of OpenVZ can be used for a "live switchover" cluster feature. Thomas Kappelmüller (he attends Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Hagenberg Campus - Computer- and Media Security (B.Sc.)) has written some scripts for this purpose (we will add the scripts and some background information about using them in the HA cluster with DRBD and Heartbeat article shortly).

And another brand-new outlook about clustering will be given: some students of Secure Information Systems (M.Sc.) - also at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Hagenberg Campus - have worked on "LBVM" (load balancing of virtual machines). The LBVM allows sharing virtual machines among physical servers in a predefined cluster. With the help of load balancing algorithms it is possible to automatically live migrate VEs. Their solution uses a general approach, which allows the use of different virtualization technologies (initially they support OpenVZ and Xen).

Of course there are also a lot of other interesting talks at the conference - so it's really worth attending it. And it would be really nice talking to some other OpenVZ users there ;-)
Tags: openvz

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