January 10th, 2007

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Linux.com article on Virtualization

Michael Stutz wrote an article for Linux.com entitled Virtualization begins to materialize in the Linux kernel. In the article he addresses, "Two types of virtualization"... paravirtualization and containers. Our friendly OpenVZ developer Kir Kolyshkin is quoted quite a bit. Obligatory quote:
Biederman says that the first thing everybody had to do was learn how to work together. What helped, he says, was working on first implementing "generally non-controversial" features. "Plus, this cemented the incremental approach," he adds, noting that both Linux-VServer and OpenVZ have already announced that they're using these new features in their software.
The article goes on to discuss IPC virtualization, PID virtualization, and UTS virtualization. We need more articles like this one.

I myself have written an introductory article about OpenVZ for SearchServerVirtualization.com:
Intro to OpenVZ: Part I
Intro to OpenVZ: Part II

More articles to come.