March 9th, 2007

  • k001

fun with polls and statistics

At the end of last year, we conducted a poll on the web site. For about 4 weeks the poll was online, and more than 1300 people voted. While it is offline now, you can still see the results here.

The question was: "Which virtualization solutions are you using, or plan to use", and the top three answers were: VMware (580 votes), Xen (504 votes) and OpenVZ (502 votes). Those are the big guys. The medium guys are: Linux-VServer (165 votes), Virtuozzo (145 votes) and QEmu (148 votes). All the others are below the 5 percent barrier.

The results are not shocking. VMware is the clear leader, Xen is a recognizable name in virtualization, and OpenVZ is high because it's OpenVZ site. QEmu is somewhat popular among Linux geeks, as well as Linux-VServer.

About the same time, a German Linux portal ran a poll similar to this. The only difference was that they allowed only a single answer, while our poll allowed a few. No, you don't have to know German to read its results. VMware accounts for 60% (perhaps because only a single option was allowed), Xen goes next with 15%, OpenVZ is number three with 7%. I'm glad to see we are among the top three.

The fun thing in that poll is something called "Virtual Server" is number four. Hmm...I find that name too generic -- it could be M*crosoft Virtual Server, or Linux-Vserver, or something else.

Finally, I think it's a fun thing to run a poll, so here's one another poll for you.

Poll #943152 containers vs. hypervisor

Compare hypervisor and containers (OS-level) virtualization. Which one is more important to be incorporated in the mainstream (vanilla) Linux kernel?

Both are important
Containers is more important
Hypervisor is more important
Neither is important