March 14th, 2007

  • k001

openvz and red hat releases day

Today is definitely the day of releases -- we've got three of those for you.

1. New vzctl, which adds I/O priority setting support, and provides bug fixes in bash-completion, vzctl destroy, man pages, and some other improvements along the way.

2. New devel kernel, containing some bugfixes in different subsystems, as well as per-VE I/O priority support. This kernel is getting quite stable, so it's called 028stab021 (it was 028test before).

3. The most important one: first RHEL5-based OpenVZ kernel. This is pretty much the same as the latest devel kernel, the only difference is it is based on kernel from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, not on vanilla 2.6.18. Our internal testing shows this RHEL5 kernel is pretty good, so it will replace our current stable branch real soon, so if you are currently using stable OpenVZ kernel, it makes sense to try this one and report your bugs (if there are some) soon.

Oh, by the way, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 was also released just a few hours ago!