April 3rd, 2007

OpenVZ - The perfect virtualization environment for running Linux and Anti Spam Mail Gateways

I am playing around for years with all major virtualization environments like all VMware products, Microsoft and several xen based solutions. But OpenVZ is the overall winner and I summarize here just a few features which make it perfect for me.

Basic features:
  • No special hardware necessary, runs on all of my pc´s and servers
  • Fast installation of OpenVZ, approx. 20 min starting from bare metal
  • Extremely fast and easy installation of guest´s, within 1 minute
  • Open Source licensed with good support from the OpenVZ team
Advanced features:
  • Online Live migration - YES, it works
  • Consistent online backups: see our vzdump
We run Proxmox Mail Gateway (in high availability cluster) on OpenVZ and we did a lot of benchmarking with real data. And we were very impressed with the results.