May 10th, 2007

  • k001

Andrew Morton's view of containers in the kernel

Recently, I had the opportunity to present at a session of the Gelato Itanium Conference and Expo in San Jose. It was a good fit because they had a special track on virtualization, and OpenVZ (and the Virtuozzo product) is the only stable virtualization technology available now for Itanium servers.

Once again, I was able to talk with Andrew Morton (a kernel hacker, the right hand of Linus Torvalds) and was encouraged about the prospect of OS virtualization and OpenVZ in the Linux kernel. That is something we would really like to see and have been working towards. This article summarizes Andrew’s remarks noting “OpenVZ already has thousands of systems out there” and “as far as containerization standard in mainline goes, ‘most of the stakeholders are playing together quite nicely’”.

Yes, we are and we’ll keep at it so we can realize our goal.