July 11th, 2007

Linux Distribution Upgrades – Easy going with OpenVZ

Last week we finalized the upgrade of our Proxmox Mail Gateway from Debian Sarge to Debian Etch. This was quite challenging due to the number of changed packages.

The easiest part was the migration and update of the Proxmox OpenVZ template – and that’s why we all love OpenVZ. Now, the Mail Gateway 2.0 can run on OpenVZ and Virtuozzo with just a few clicks, see the Wiki

For doing a backup of a running VPS, we use vzdump, which is now production ready and available in version 1.0.

I remember the dark days where we did Linux distribution upgrades on production machines on the weekend and in long nights, always with high risk of service interruption, without the use of OS virtualization. Now, the weekends are back again ;-)

OpenVZ will not save the world, but makes life much easier.