August 31st, 2007

  • k001

montanalinux interview and Linux kernel progress

In case you haven't seen it yet, dowdle (Scott Dowdle) has done an interview with me on Here's the piece I like most:

ML: Can you update us on the current status of OpenVZ integration into the mainline kernel? Do you expect anything to happen in the near future regarding integration?

Kir: Most notable is the addition of the PID namespace patchset by Pavel Emelyanov into -mm (Andrew Morton's) tree -- it means the code will be in Linus' kernel in a few months. PID namespaces is a feature that makes it possible to have different sets of PIDs in different containers. The code was mostly developed by OpenVZ's Pavel Emelyanov, with some pieces from IBM's Sukadev Bhattiprolu. With the first version sent back in May, it was rewritten a few times to incorporate comments, suggestions and feature requests from everyone who was interested.
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The interview is quite long; see the rest at

I'd also like to add that just a few days ago the memory controller patchset was also accepted into -mm tree. It does things similar to user beancounters in OpenVZ. So far, the accepted code only provides group-based RSS and page cache accounting, plus a generic infrastructure to add another accountables. The code was developed by Pavel Emelyanov and Balbir Singh (of IBM) in close collaboration.

With that in place, today Pavel already sent the first version of kernel memory controller. The code is not aimed for inclusion yet -- it is mostly aimed at spiking the discussion and trying to determine the needs.