October 29th, 2007

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Virtuozzo in China

Ok, so this blog entry isn't about OpenVZ... but it is closely related since it is about SWsoft's Virtuozzo. According to an article entitled, SWsoft tries to virtualize China before VMware speaks the language, it appears that Virtuozzo uptake in China is doing quite well. I wonder what the uptake for OpenVZ is in China? Obligatory quote:
Chatting with Beloussov is one of the more refreshing experiences for a technology journalist. This feisty Russian has yet to attend sugar-coating school.

For example, Beloussov harbors a bit of resentment for the attention XenSource receives. According to our sources, XenSource will make about $8m in revenue this year versus more than $100m for SWsoft. XenSource, however, receives far more press.

"Even though Xen is very popular with the media, we just don't see them in deals," he said.