April 30th, 2008

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Linuxfest Northwest 2008 OpenVZ presentation

At this years Linuxfest Northwest 2008 show in Bellingham, Washington I gave a presentation entitled OS Virtualization vs. Hardware Virtualization. LFNW takes place at Bellingham Technical College and the BTC had video cameras setup in two of the presentations rooms. I was lucky enough to have my presentation streamed live as well as archived for playback anytime.

I doubt there is any new material in my presentation for readers of this blog, because it was basically an Introduction to OpenVZ. The room was full and only a couple of people had used OpenVZ before so I was presenting to a lot of potential users.

It is also available on ustream.tv. I believe the BTC folks will be offering all of the presentations for download in the near future.

Feel free to check out my slides in PDF format. Unfortunately I didn't get to the last 5 slides which are about the inclusion of cgroups/containers in the mainline kernel, the contributions made by OpenVZ/Parallels, and future uses of containers. If you look at those slides you'll see I borrow from some recent material here on this blog. Near the end, when answering someone's question I mention offline migration and mistakenly refer to checkpointing and restoring from a checkpoint... which is obviously part of online migration. Other than that mistake I was fairly happy with the presentation.

I also wrote an article entitled Linuxfest Northwest 2008 Report which includes links to all of the available presentation videos. I really recommend the Linuxfest Northwest conference... and it's free.