Kir Kolyshkin (k001) wrote in openvz,
Kir Kolyshkin

SCALE6x and Florida Linux Show

Better late than never, these are my impressions about SCALE and Florida Linux Show we (me and my colleague, an OpenVZ kernel developer Andrey Mirkin) went to in February.

Back in 2006 I was a speaker at SCALE4x, so I can compare and say SCALE is getting bigger and better! This time it was three days, with three parallel conference tracks and about 80 booths, one of which was OpenVZ.

The booth traffic was moderate to high, we were busy explaining OpenVZ to people, distributing booklets and live CDs, and burning more CDs. For the first time we used lightscribe to have a nice image on CDs, and I can say it works pretty well, but requires about 15 minutes for the image to be "scribed" (and about the same time for the actual data).

Also we did a talk on live migration which was quite technical and interesting. Talk was mostly delivered by Andrey, and this is the first time he did a talk in English. I hope that SCALE people will upload the audio/video from the talk -- it should be interesting enough. Unfortunately we were not able to listen to any other talks -- this is the price for having own booth.

Last day of the show was Sunday, and overnight we flew to another coast, to deliver the OpenVZ talk to participants of the Florida Linux Show. FLS is (I hope yet) much smaller than SCALE, and it is one day only, but the organisation is about the same: the expo floor and the conference tracks. My talk was attended by about 50 people, of which about 15 were asking good questions.

I managed to show the live migration of a container running pacman xscreensaver, but it was interrrupted when I raised a hand with the second notebook to show it -- apparently both the power supply and the battery got disconnected so it suddenly switched off. I continued with the slides while Andrey fixed the notebook, and then I showed the demo (without touching the second notebook this time). This "demo effect" happens from time to time, and the more people are attending the more the probability that it will happen. Anyway, all's well that ends well.

In the evening we had a dinner with some FLS participants, including Jon "maddog" Hall who was the keynote speaker, and Dan Trevino, a member of local Ubuntu community who helps us with OpenVZ/Ubuntu integration.

Next day we were in New York and met with Vasily Tarasov, our colleague who is now taking the post graduate courses in Stony Brook University. He is working on various kernel-related projects and maybe will help us a bit with OpenVZ.

Tags: event, florida linux show, openvz, scale, ubuntu

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