Kir Kolyshkin (k001) wrote in openvz,
Kir Kolyshkin

back to 2006, or openvz bug #60

Some software bugs, while being simple and stupid, have an interesting and long lasting life. Here is the story of such a very simple bug with a lifespan of about 5 years (or more? I don't know when it was introduced). The bug doesn't worth looking at otherwise, so I'll try to be short, and more info is available from the links. OK,

back in 2006 I whined about a bug in sysvinit we found. Until today I thought is was never fixed upstream.

This night I found out that it's actually fixed in sysvinit (2.87dsf), released in Jul 2009, according to its changelog:

 * Adjust init to terminate argv0 with one 0 rather than two so that
    process name can be one character longer.  Patch by Kir Kolyshkin.

Unfortunately it wrongly contributes me as a patch author. The actual author is Dmitry Mishin, as seen in OpenVZ bug #60, I just submitted it.

Tags: bugs, openvz

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