Kir Kolyshkin (k001) wrote in openvz,
Kir Kolyshkin

Linux Plumbers: Containers and CGroups miniconf

We have finally filed a number of proposals for the up-coming Containers and CGroups miniconf to be held during Linux Plumbers Conference, 7 to 9 September 2011 in Santa Rosa, CA.

From those proposals, one can clearly see what are our plans regarding the mainline integration. In a few words: dcache management, memory and CPU cgroup controllers improvements, container enter, improved /proc virtualization, checkpoint/restart [mostly] in userspace (of which I have blogged recently), and making vzctl work with mainline kernel containers. Oh, and the interesting loopback-like block device to hold a container filesystem (a.k.a. ploop).

Quite a lot of interesting stuff, what do you think?

Tags: containers, kernel, linux plumbers, mainline

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