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RHEL6 goes stable!

Guys, I am very proud to inform you that today we mark RHEL6 kernel branch as stable. Below is a copy-paste from the relevant announce@ post. I personally highly recommend RHEL6-based OpenVZ kernel to everyone -- it is a major step forward compared to RHEL5.

In the other news, Parallels has just released Virtuozzo Containers for Linux 4.7, bringing the same cool stuff (VSwap et al) to commercial customers. Despite being only a "dot" (or "minor") release, this product incorporates an impressive amount of man-hours of best Parallels engineers.

== Stable: RHEL6 ==

This is to announce that RHEL6-based kernel branch (starting from kernel 042stab035.1) is now marked as stable, and it is now the recommended branch to use.

We are not aware of any major bugs or show-stoppers in this kernel. As always, we still recommend to test any new kernels before rolling out to production.

New features of RHEL6-based kernel branch (as compared to previous stable kernel branch, RHEL5) includes better performance, better scalability (especially on high-end SMP systems), and better resource management (notably, vSwap support -- see

RHEL6 kernels can be downloaded from

== Frozen: 2.6.27, 2.6.32 ==

Also, from now we no longer maintain the following kernel branches:

* 2.6.27
* 2.6.32

No more new releases of the above kernels are expected. Existing users (if any) are recommended to switch to other (maintained) branches, such as RHEL6-2.6.32 or RHEL5-2.6.18.

This change does not affect vendor OpenVZ kernels (such as Debian or Ubuntu) -- those will still be supported for the lifetime of their distributions via the usual means (i.e.

== Development: none ==

Currently, there are no non-stable kernels in development. Eventually we will port to Linux kernel 3.x, but it might not happen this year. Instead, we are currently focused on bringing more of OpenVZ features to mainstream Linux kernels.

Regards, OpenVZ team.

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