Kir Kolyshkin (k001) wrote in openvz,
Kir Kolyshkin

Announcing OpenVZ rebase to Windows

I am glad to officially announce that we decided to rebase OpenVZ from Linux to Windows. The main reason is of course Windows market share, but it's not the only reason. Windows is well-known for being user friendly, stable and secure operating system, very well supported by third-party vendors, and we would like to leverage on that and be a part of that huge and wonderful Windows ecosystem.

Has it ever come to your mind that while Linux guys are only blabbering about clouds, many huge Windows-based clouds (they call them botnets) are already fully operational? This is yet another indication of the platform superiority.

The project of rebasing is currently on its early stages, frankly speaking we haven't done much yet except for some preliminary research. But I have already designed the new logo, which I am proud to show to you today.

Logo design was tough because it should not be too different from the old one (after all, OpenVZ is still OpenVZ), but at the same time remind our users that this software is Windows-based. You can already enjoy the new logo and the tagline on

As for the actual software, don't hold your breath, we will let you know than it will become available. But don't waste your time waiting! I suggest everyone to stop using Linux and start using Windows on their personal machines in order to familiarize with it. Me myself, I am planning to rm -rf / (or should I say delete *.* instead?) for both Fedora 16 on my notebook and the Gentoo Linux on my home desktop, and reinstall Windows 8!

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